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Virginia Incident Management Systems (IMS)

Contact Information

Steve Grainer

Steve Grainer
Program Chief

1005 Technology Park Drive
Glen Allen, VA  23059-1005
Office: 804-249-1954
Fax: 804-371-3209

About the Chief

Steve Grainer came to work for the Department of Fire Programs full-time in 2004, shortly after the publication of the National Incident Management System.  He has had nearly 38 years of fire and emergency services experience in Virginia, having served in both volunteer and career positions from firefighter/EMT to chief officer with rural and urban fire departments. He also has extensive service in local emergency management and state emergency management.  Additionally, he served as a district emergency planner for the Virginia Department of Health further expanding his experience and knowledge of emergency preparedness and response.  In addition to extensive responder level experience, he has also been involved in 9 major state disaster operations dating back nearly 20 years serving in supervisory and management positions supporting local and state response and recovery operations.  The depth and scope of his experience in a wide variety of emergency preparedness, response, and recovery activities at the local and state level have led to frequent invitations to serve on national projects to improve and advance the development and implementation of NIMS, ICS and other emergency management initiatives.  These opportunities have enabled the Commonwealth to remain on the forefront of efforts to promote and maintain an effective statewide incident management capability.

About the Program

NIMS and ICS training programs delivered by the Department of Fire Programs are consistent and compliant with the principles and doctrine of the National Incident Management System and satisfy all DHS expectations and criteria.  In addition to standard NIMS and ICS curriculum, VDFP also offers programs for training and practical exercises that reinforce the core NIMS and ICS curriculum.  Programs such as ICS Planning and Forms  and Command and General Staff—Practical Evolutions provide participants added depth in application and use of the fundamental practices taught in ICS 100 through ICS-300 courses, particularly the use of standard ICS tools and materials used to develop and implement Incident Action Plans which are critical elements of effective incident and emergency management.  Both programs can be provided in cooperation with local emergency response organizations and are often custom-tailored for the needs of specific localities. 

For furtherinformation contact the VDFP NIMS contact, .


Suggested ICS and NIMS Training Flow Chart

NIMS-related and ICS training programs for all emergency responders are conducted regularly in localities.  Personnel wishing or needing to attend these classes are encouraged to contact their local Fire Service agency, emergency management training office, or VDFP Division office (see Division Offices under “Training” on the VDFP home webpage).  Specific local training within localities or regions is also posted in the VDFP course schedule on the FSTRS webpage under “View Courses” in the Training section of his website.  Additionally, the VDFP IMS office provides assistance in planning, scheduling and conducting various ICS and NIMS compliant training programs.  For further information or assistance, contact the IMS office as shown above

NIMS Training NIMS Training

Last Updated: Monday, September 19, 2016