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Grants & Local Aid

Contact Information

Theresa Hunter

Theresa Hunter
Budget & Grants Manager

Virginia Department of Fire Programs
1005 Technology Park Drive
Glen Allen VA 23059-4500
Tel: 804-249-1958
Fax: 804-371-3358

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Funding including Grants

Annual Package

Aid To Localities - provides Virginia cities, towns and counties with funds to pay for training, construction of training centers, fire fighting equipment and protective clothing.

Burn Building Grants - Grants provided for the construction, renovation, or repair of burn buildings.

Regional Fire Services Training Grant Program - provides funding support for multi-jurisdictional fire services training facilities in accordance with the Program Policy.

Technology Grants - Provides fire departments with computer hardware to support the Virginia Fire Incident Reporting System (VFIRS).

Conference and Education Assistance - Provides needed financial support for conferences and seminars sponsored by Virginia-based non-profit organizations that further the education of fire and emergency services personnel throughout the Commonwealth.

Virginia Fire Services Board Training Mini-Grants - Monies for this grant come from the interest earned by the Fire Programs Fund. These grants are for projects and programs which positively impact and/or further fire service training within the Commonwealth.

Be Fire Safe Grants - * New CO Alarm Grant* - The purpose of this grant program is to provide equipment (i.e. smoke alarms, CO alarms) to local jurisdictions and distribution to fire departments and organizations involved in fire safety projects in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Emergency Fund Grants - Provides financial assistance to localities and fire service organizations for the repair and replacement of essential fire fighting equipment and facilities following damage incurred by a natural or man-made disaster.

Virginia Dry Hydrant Grant - for rural areas.

Department of Homeland Security Grant Opportunities

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Last Updated: Thursday, September 15, 2016