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Burn Building Grants

Applications for New Construction Projects and Renovation Projects are due by January 1 and by July 1 each year. Applications for Emergency Renovations or Repair Projects up to $50,000 may be submitted at any time. Please see revised Burn Building Policy for definition of "Emergency Renovation".

Burn Building grants are provided for the construction, renovation, or repair of burn buildings in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Burn Building Policy

Virginia Code §38.2-401 – Fire Programs Fund

FAQs on Burn Buildings

Burn Building Application

EDI Payment Form

Burn Building Prop Inspections

Burn Building Project Manual Rev 04 11 2013

Burn Building Props

NFPA 1403 Compliance

Burn Building Disbursement Agreement

Points of Contact Update Form

Project Status Report

Burn Building Facilities in the Commonwealth of Virginia Updated 1/10/2014


Below are photos of the burn building in Blackstone, Virginia.

burn_building_image002   burn_building_image004

Burn Building locations

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Last Updated: Thursday, September 15, 2016