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2017 Annual Package

*Important Notice*

Beginning with FY2015 funding year, all jurisdictions will only be required to submit their Annual Report Package to the Agency. Accounting documentation (such as General Ledger reports, bank statements, or spreadsheets) demonstrating the following items must be maintained by the jurisdiction for audit purposes:
  • Cash carry forward from previous funding years (if applicable)
  • Current ATL funding for the year being reported
  • Interest earned on the ATL funds
  • Qualifying expenditures for the current funding year being reported
  • Cash carry forward balance into future reporting years (if applicable)

New Grants Info

June 2016 Annual Package Cover Letter

  • Aid to Localities
  • Regional Fire Services Training Grant Program
  • VFIRS Hardware Grants Program

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  • Last Updated: Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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