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Prospective Students

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If you are new to the fire service and interested in taking a course, please contact the division office in-which the course is located to register for the course and for additional course information. Additional course listings may be shown on the individual Division Office pages for quick reference.

VDFP Course Catalog *Under Revision*

View courses that are currently being advertised that do not have a minimum qualification.

If you have never taken a class with the Department of Fire Programs, you will be required to complete the Registration Paperwork the first day of class to have your personal information added to the Fire Service Training Records System. Once your name is entered as a valid student from your first completed course, you will be entitled to register on-line for future courses if you meet the minimum pre-requisites.

For additional information on becoming a firefighter click here.

Current VDFP students and instructors, please use the on-line Fire Service Training Records System to view all current VDFP offered courses as well as check your student transcripts.

Last Updated: Monday, March 14, 2016