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Public Affairs

Contact Information

Mark Buff

Mark Buff
Communications, Public Affairs
and Public Outreach Manager

Virginia Department of Fire Programs
1005 Technology Park Drive
Glen Allen, VA 23059
T: 804/ 371-0220 x 1965
Fax: 804/ 371-3444

The VDFP Communications, Public Affairs and Public Outreach Office is responsible for effectively communicating fire and emergency services information to the general population, members of the fire and emergency services community, the media and local governments in a timely, accurate and consistent manner.

Keeping the public informed is a critical component of fire prevention. Through news releases, public service announcements and radio and television interviews, the Public Affairs Office ensures that the latest information is released to the appropriate target audience.

As an additional responsibility of this office, VDFP produces a variety of informational pieces in an attempt to keep citizens informed as to operations and available programs and services. These include regular newsletters, brochures, annual report, and course catalog, among other informational outlets. Click here to access our publication library.

If you are a media representative need information, please complete the media inquiry form.

Logo Usage Guidelines

The Virginia Department of Fire Programs utilizes two logos to represent the agency. The badge or shield logo, utilizes the Virginia seal surrounded by a Maltese Cross which has come to symbolize firefighters. This logo is used on official agency documents, as well as by VDFP operational staff and instructor apparel.

The second logo is a text logo of the VDFP acronym with a translucent flame symbol/graphic. This logo is used for promotional materials and non-operational apparel. This logo was developed to provide a less “official” logo which can be distributed and used by the public.

These insignia can be used interchangeably based on the product and design requirements. However, the badge logo will be the used primarily by VDFP Operational Staff. The Public Affairs Office will work with staff members coordinating printing of products containing the agency logos to ensure proper color matching.

Generally permission to use VDFP logos is only granted to non-profit organizations or government organizations that have a direct relationship with VDFP. In order to ensure the VDFP logos are perceived in the correct manner, please do not change colors, typefaces, or proportions of the graphic files. The VDFP logos can not be combined with other logos or text. It is permissible to use the logo with another symbol in the same field provided that a distinct visual separation is made and one of the symbols is clearly dominant.

Questions or concerns can be addressed to Mark Buff at (804) 371-0220.

Both logos are available in the three file types shown here and have been posted in the following formats:

  • JPEG -- High resolution printing applications (color and b/w)
  • GIF -- Web usage (color)
  • BMP -- PowerPoint presentations (color)
Logos vdfp logo VDFP logo
File Types JPEG - Color
JPEG - Black and White
Gif - Color
BMP - Color
JPEG - Color
JPEG - Black and Red
Gif - Color
BMP - Color
Last Updated: August 9, 2016